Importance of Having a Good Propshaft

What is a propshaft?

A propshaft forms part of the vehicle’s drivetrain connecting the gearbox to the differential, while allowing for relative movement between the gearbox and drive axle. There is a twisting force produced by the engine which is called a torque. The driveshaft basically transmits this torque to the wheels of the vehicle.

The torque would be transmitted to the two front wheels since most vehicles are front-wheel drives. However, some vehicles have what is called a driveshaft.

How important is it to have a good propshaft?

Propshaft repair services are an important element of the vehicle as it delivers power from the gearbox and engine to the drive axle.

Propshafts require regular check-ups, although the time intervals may differ depending on the type of vehicle. Preferably, vehicle’s propshafts need to be checked every 10 000km or in 3 months to avoid any major damages.

Recommended propshaft routine checks

  • Check if the main tube of the propshaft body is not damaged. Secondly, ensure that the balance weights are there and not lose
  • Ensure that the UJ’s main yokes align. If they are not aligned properly, it reduces the available rage movement the propshaft can deliver.
  • Check if there is rust coming from the bearing caps to the UJ. This could indicate that there could be water and that would reduce lubrication to the roller bearing.
  • If the prop shaft has been removed for any reason, it is good practice to inspect the rear axle and gearbox drive flange bearings for excess play.
  • Lastly, check the cleanliness of the driveshaft, CV joint, and boots. Grease contamination is a clear sign of a problem.
Additionally, drivers need to look out for signs that their propshaft is damaged.
  • Cause strong vibrations.
  • Cause the prop shaft to become unbalanced.
  • Unable to support the prop shaft.
  • Causes discomfort for the passenger.

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